How to Manage the User Feedback on Your App

How to Manage the User Feedback on Your App

Whenever someone is launching an app on the modern mobile market, there's always excitement and expectations of the nice performance and high ratings, as well as nice income from the product of their hard work. However, whenever that happens, one has to face the harsh reality – the competition is very tough, and the users have very high demands for quality. Combined together, this can make one's life a lot tougher than one could have expected. Now, one of the best ways to make sure that dealing with the audience turns from a nightmare to a more pleasant and positive experience is by working hard to handle the Android and iOS app reviews properly and professionally.

If you want your app to perform well on the modern mobile market, you need to learn how to live in harmony with your audience. The best way to do it is to learn a few things on how you can handle the user reviews in a way that would make them happy. Let's take a look at how you can maintain the positive mood among your customers and improve your app rating.


What you need to know about user feedback management


First of all, it's not rocket science or anything too complex. You just need to talk to your customers and take a few steps towards them. Remain polite at all times to make sure you're pleasant to deal with and the audience is satisfied by your application or game. Second, you should always be respectful and make sure to never get into an argument with a customer. And last, but not least – you should do everything in your power to make sure that in the end of the day both you and the users are happy. Do everything you can to resolve the issues and do your best to make sure that as many iOS and Android app reviews are as positive as possible.


Consider following this approach to guarantee the best feedback app experience:

  • Read the reviews. Do it every day. Make sure to read all of them – each one may contain a piece of valuable information on how you can improve your application or game and what it's doing right, what it's doing wrong and the user's opinion on how you can improve it for them. All this is very valuable if you want your app to succeed on the market – while you don't have to do everything suggested and we trust you to filter the useful feedback, it's important to read them to learn what users want;
  • Respond to reviews – and make sure to do it politely no matter whether the review is positive or negative. This way you can make sure that even if the user is dissatisfied with the app, they will still act understandable about it. Thank the users for their reviews – after all, they have taken their time to try your app and tell you what they think. A large number of users would just uninstall the app if they are unsatisfied with it, so every user that decided to leave the review is even more valuable to you;
  • If you encounter a negative review, read it thoroughly to make sure you are not missing anything. You need all the information you can get to learn what made the user unhappy. Is it a bug? Something is not working as intended? It's up to you to find that out and make sure that in the end, you know what to do to make the user happy;
  • If there is not enough information to determine the cause of the bug, it's a good idea to ask the user about the details to ensure that you know how you can reproduce the issue and then determine how you can fix it. It's hard to find the cause when you don't know the effect and the circumstances;
  • Once you're done fixing the bug, inform the user that the issue has been resolved and they shouldn't worry about it anymore;
  • Ask the user to reconsider their review to show the current state of your application or game – this way you can maintain a nice rating of your app.

As you can see, there's nothing hard – the management of app store reviews is all about the interaction with the users and maintaining professional behaviour regardless of the situation.

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