Android app promotion on Google Play

Android app promotion on Google Play

Promotion of mobile applications and games is no easy task – in fact, modern promotion is tough in any industry or medium out there. There are lots of stories from popular studios, well-known brands and various developers about their time on the market. This means that you should focus on marketing as early as possible and invest your precious time and effort into it. In fact, you need to focus on both marketing and development simultaneously, which is three times as tough than development alone.

Why three, you may ask? Because learning on the go and doing it efficiently takes a lot of time and effort, especially when you could've focused on delivering the best application or game possible with your current resources.

Why promotion on your own is important

Learning how to promote applications and games on your own is a valuable knowledge – it's not that easy to teach the marketing to anyone. You need to master the craft of reaching the audience no matter how noisy the market is for one simple reason – you may end up in a situation when you're running on a tight budget (or pure enthusiasm) and using the services of marketing agency may not be an option. Whether you are in this situation or not, learning something that should prove useful in the nearest future is always time spent well. Later on, with the knowledge gathered on how to promote Android apps and games, you can focus on being productive and efficient regardless of the situation on the market.

Without further ado, let's take a look at what you can do to promote apps on Google Play with little to no help from the outside.

Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses

The first step to the desired success is understanding where you need to put more effort into your application or game to make sure that the performance on the market is good and the reception of the app is the best you can get with your current available resources and skills. For example, maybe you're not a good coder but your art skills are great? Or you're a good writer, but your design skills aren't very good? There are many possible variations of this, but in the end, what matters to you is that you've went through the long and tiring process that requires persistence and understanding of what you're doing – and that's making an app. Sure, making applications and games is easier today with all these resources and libraries scattered all over the web, but let's be honest with ourselves – it's still not an easy task to deliver a product from start to finish.

Therefore, you need to understand what you're doing, where you're better than your competitors and which parts of your application or game require additional work. Start reading the reviews for the applications and games done by your competitors and see if you can learn something valuable from them. Read both positive and negative reviews – both of them give hints at what you can do better in your application or game. Make a list and do additional homework before launching your application or game – later you can stress the improvements in some fields in your press releases and your communication with the target audience.

Expand your audience through localization

Localization is one of the most important tools used in modern mobile marketing, because it allows you to expand your target audience and increase the numbers of potential customers without making any major changes to your application or game. It's also very affordable to get today – with modern freelance translation services, affordability of getting a translator for your project leaves no excuses to not getting your application or game localized. In fact, if your application or game doesn't boast large amounts of text, it should be very cheap to do and implement into your app or game.

Therefore, you should design your application or game that would allow easier localization and insertion of translated text strings. If you're not sure which languages are in demand today, here is a list of languages widely used today:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Portuguese

By providing localization in the following languages you can cover the majority of modern mobile users worldwide and thus reach your audience. Trust me – the return in this case is a lot bigger than the investment. The best and most affordable way to get your application or game localized is through freelance translation services – they offer the best quality and for a very affordable pricing. There are professionals out there who prefer to work from home and deal with matters at their own pace. However, professionals will also provide you a deadline and adhere to it. But it's a wise idea to pay extra attention to their history in the translation field and ask for reviews from their previous customers to learn whether the translator is suitable for the job or not. For example, if you're making an application for medical workers, then you need someone with a few years of experience in the translation related to that field to make sure that you are not getting a half-baked translation that can possibly cause more damage than you could have expected.

Additional promotional methods you can use

Use Search Engine Optimization techniques to make your application easier to find. App search optimization in app stores is very important. Optimize the app description, the content you're posting online about your application or game and also try to optimize your e-mail signature by inserting the link into it. You can also try various blogs and YouTube channels and see if they would care to mention your application or game or even make a review. While some of them may ask for a donation, if the potential return is way higher than the expected donation, then why not? You need every potential client you can get.

Also, consider setting up your website. It's hard to take any business seriously unless you can find information about them online with a single search query. Take some time to set it up – it shouldn't be anything massive, just a page or two done professionally can do the job in the majority of cases. This should help your Android app promotion efforts in one way or another.

In case you need an additional push

Remember – not everyone is born as a marketing specialist. If you want even better results, maybe it's the right time to look into professional mobile marketing of Android applications and games. After all, no matter how satisfying or unsatisfying the results are, you can get even better from that. Consider contacting a mobile marketing agency and see if you can negotiate a nice promotional package for yourself. After all, the more you promote and the more people hear about your app and start thinking about giving it a try, the better. If you need a recommendation about a good marketing agency, we would suggest you to contact Applead – the feedback we have heard from their customers about their quality of services and pricing had been very positive and they liked what they have managed to get.

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