How to promote Android app

Today, Android is one of the toughest platforms to be on, especially for smaller developers and publishers. As you may know, the situation on the market demands that the developers start looking into the marketing for their applications and games due to tough competition that keeps increasing every day. This means that they need to invest a lot of time, effort and/or money to reach their target audience and start making money from their hard work, while the statistics keep saying that the average mobile application today makes little to no money at all.

In this case it is a good idea to look into the methods available to you. Pay attention – these can help a lot. We will provide some information about these methods and get you started on the mobile market.

What you should consider doing first

Test your application or game and make sure no bugs get past the testing phase. This way you can make sure that there are as few issues as possible at the launch time and thus make sure that your application or game gets positive initial ratings and reviews, which should help you with Android app promotion efforts in the long run. Strong launch is one of the best ways to ensure that your application or game gets strong downloads later.

Methods available to you

The following methods can be used to promote Android apps and games:

  • Start a blog online and update it regularly with interesting content and posts to attract people and possibly convince them to give your application or game a try or build up interest to the launch date;
  • Make a website for your application or game to attract the audience and keep building up the interest for your application or game;
  • Make a promotional video for your application or game to inform users about the features and cool things your app has to offer to them. This way you should be able to build up the interest of the target audience up to the release. If possible, make a few videos to improve the effect and give your application or game additional boost in views and interest;
  • Contact app review websites to get a chance to get press coverage. Make a list of these and contact them whenever you make another application or game. This way you can generate some interest, especially if they mention it or make a positive review;
  • Contact various bloggers and YouTube channels and see if they would care to mention your application or game and possibly review it too;
  • Create a page for your application or game on the social network sites and use it to post news and talk to your audience. This way you can potentially attract more people and keep them engaged with your application or game. You can also run polls and/or contests to boost their interest;
  • Localize your application using freelance translation services to expand your audience and make your application or game more accessible to the audience from the foreign regions. Keep in mind that you need to find the right translator for the job, otherwise you're risking to alienate your customers by providing a poor translation;
  • Optimize the app description with relevant keywords and optimize the content you're posting online with a link to your application or game to drive the traffic towards your app page and make it easier to find;
  • Ask your friends and family to spread the word and do some additional
  • Additionally, you can order incentive ad campaign from a marketing agency to bring in some incentive traffic and see if you can boost the popularity of your application or game this way.

In case this doesn't help

If this doesn't help much, consider contacting a marketing agency and see if they can help you promote apps on Google Play. Abandoning months of your hard work just because it doesn't perform well yet is just silly – chances are, you're yet to reach your actual audience and you need to shout louder to get their attention. Don't worry about it too much – everyone faces this situation on the mobile market today, but not everyone is ready to deal with it. Be ready and be persistent – that's your best way to reach your audience today.

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