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There are many ways to market something, and the same is true for apps. However, not all methods work as nicely as they work for other media. For example, long trailers won't cause the same effect due to the shorter attention span and lack of time. Ads on the internet won't guarantee that the necessary audience will see them, and even if they do, they don't guarantee that they will click on the link. In a lot of ways, “old-fashioned” advertising became a good investment only if you have the money to invest into it.

That's why it's recommended to look into the App Store Optimization and learn how to use it wisely. Sometimes subtle approaches work better, and this is especially true for the mobile apps.

What is ASO and how does it work?

ASO is a relatively new approach to mobile marketing – it's a subtle solution to the problems that modern mobile developers tend to face on the daily basis. Instead of risking too much on ads and various “old-fashioned” methods, you can try promoting your app or game on your own. This will teach you some marketing tricks and let you enjoy the process of promotion on your own, provided you are interested in pushing your app to the desired success and learning as you go.

The best way to describe the App Store Optimization is to imagine it as a set of methods (some of them are SEO-related) to improve the visibility of the app in the app stores (App Store, Google Play etc.). Instead of telling the users that they should give your app a try or trying to reach them via usual approaches, you can be more subtle and see if you can reach them by using app search optimization, and we are going to tell you how you can do it on your own.

Keyword Optimization (KWO)

The first step you should consider is the Keyword Optimization. Its one of the most important steps of this process, and it must be taken seriously – the rest of the methods provided below won't be that efficient without it. It's not rocket science, however – all you need to do is look into the SEO practices and learn from them.

In simple terms, you need to research the trending keywords and pick the relevant ones, then use them in the app tags field and app description. You need to use them organically, though – while descriptions filled with keywords are common in some cases, they won't convince the users to download the app or game. By writing an appealing, organic description you can try your best to convince them, while keywords should lead the traffic to your app and increase the ranking in the search results. Sometimes using a keyword in the app title should bring better results.

Asset Optimization (AO)

Let's assume we're done with the first step and now the app is getting more attention from the general public. Of course, more traffic on you app page doesn't automatically convert to the bigger downloads – you should expect a little bit more downloads, but apart from leading the people to your app page, you should do your best to convince them to install your app.

Try improving the assets, such as:

  • Preview video;
  • Screenshots;
  • App icon.

This way you should be able to convince your audience to give your app a try. If you don't know how to make them appealing or how the audience is going to react to them, hire a professional designer to do it. Usually the effort and money invested into it pay off. Also you need to take care about feedback on your app.

Additional steps

There are additional steps you can take to promote your app. All of the steps above should be enough in most cases, but today the situation requires to go as far as possible to make sure the suggested approaches work as intended. After all, you want your app to succeed. Therefore, you should consider doing the following:

  • Localization is one of the best ways to bring your app to the general public and make it easier for foreign users to get into it. Remember – no matter what statistics say, the localization still remains important, especially if you want to attract as many people as possible. Consider supporting English, German, French, Italian and Spanish on launch, and then move on to other languages if you notice that your app is popular in a particular region. Use freelance translation services to get the best service for an affordable price;
  • Incentive traffic. While some people may think of it as cheating, in truth it's no different than asking a friend to help you out and then treating them to something as a gesture of gratitude. However, not everyone has hundreds or thousands of friends – and of course pay per install price is less than the price of a drink or similar. But here is a catch – you will need to use the services of a marketing agency. Think about it – due to safety of this approach you can give your app a nice boost in popularity, and the ROI should be great.

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